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The association was founded on March 20, 1949. The name of the association had been changed three times to reflect its organizational reforms. The following sections describe the historical background of these reforms.


1. "Taipei City Nurses Association" Period (1949~1985)

When this association was founded, Taipei City was subject to Taiwan Provincial Government. As the population growth, Taipei City was directly subject to the Central Government of Republic of China in 1967.

After that, the city government was empowered to supervise all healthy related organizations. Therefore, the association was reorganized under the supervision and management of the Taipei City Government Health Bureau.

The Department of Health of the Executive Yuan promulgated the "Nursing Staff Management Rules" in July 1982. According to the regulations, all nursing staff are required to registered with the local government health bureau and enroll in a nurse association.

After the declaration of the above laws, the membership of this association grew rapidly to more than 3,400 members by the end of 1983. To cope with the membership growth, the association reorganized its structure in order for providing more services to its members.


2. "Taipei City Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses Association" Period (1985~2001)

To abide by the "Nursing Staff Management Rules", the association was renamed as “Taipei City Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses Association” in July 1984.

By that time, the membership of this association had grown to more than 6,000 members. In order to provide better services to its members, the association established six committees. These committees include membership committee, academic committee, welfare committee, financial committee, international exchange committee, and nursing research and development committee .


3. "Taipei Nurses Association" (2001 ~ present)

The Taipei District Court informed us in 2001 that the association should amend its articles of association and be registered as a “legal person" in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Law.

During the twelfth congress meeting, the association decided to amend the articles of association and rename this association as “Taipei Nurses Association” in December 2001.


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